The Female Strength that drives an International Shipyard

When we talk about a shipyard our minds fill with images of impressive vessels, and if we dig deep down to its core, which are the dry-docks and workshops where most of the vessel’s repairs take place, we will think of propellers bigger than the size of a person, in the strong men that provide maintenance to huge machines, cut and well heavy steel plaques, etc… One may think that these activities are exclusive of the masculine strength; however, at Hutchison Ports TNG, we broke the pattern years ago, since a great team of talented women drive the oldest and biggest shipyard in Mexico with the same degree of excellence and drive.

Currently TNG has 57 female professionals occupying both administrative and operative positions at different levels and areas of the organization, such as sub managers, leaders, coordinators, supervisors, executives, assistants, operators, mechanics, welders, steel workers, and pipe specialists, just to name a few.


“I like working at TNG because my father worked here, and now me and my children do too”

Alicia Grajales, Steel Works supervisor, has 29 years of experience in the maritime industry, of which 12 belong to her career at the Hutchison Ports shipyard. She started as a Steel worker, then graduated as a Multiskilled supervisor and now she is in charge of a crew of about 10 to 20 steel workers.

“I like being the support of people so when they need it they can rely on me”

Lizette Trinidad, one of the four project leaders, who started at Hutchison Ports TNG 11 years ago as project planner and recently became a mother. On her daily basis she has the important task of being the direct link between the client and the shipyard’s team in charge of the maritime repair and metal mechanic works.


“I am a woman of challenges and being in the group has allowed me to succeed every day”

Paola Yépez, recently named Integrated Management Systems Manager, due to her great capacity demonstrated along 12 years of career at Hutchison Ports group; In her new position, she is in charge of the Continuous Improvement and Quality, and the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Security departments. A task which requires character, since she is responsible for areas of great importance regarding the institutional performance of TNG.

“I like to share what I now and that every day I learn something new from students and the different disciplines at TNG”

One of the young talents at the shipyard, at her young age she speaks 5 languages such as French, Italian, English, Slovak and Spanish. When she joined the company in 2013 she founded the Language Centre, where she has provided English training for 110 coworkers at Hutchison Ports TNG, as well as providing support in text translation and new business developments.


The previous profiles are just a sample of the talent the shipyard is glad to have, proving that Hutchison Ports TNG is a modern company and complies with the values of our era, in which genre does not limit the professional capacity. “We will continue promoting the development of our female collaborators with the same support we give the male workers, and in the same way we will continue breaking ground for all those women that want to be successful among our lines, the so called Weaker Sex in reality making us stronger as an organization and as the great family we are”, expressed Mr. Jose Antonio Sardiña Aguirre, General Manager at Hutchison Ports TNG.

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