Hutchison Ports is the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator with a network of port operations in 49 ports spanning 26 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Over the years, Hutchison Ports has expanded into other logistics and transportation-related businesses, including cruise ship terminals, airport operations, distribution centres, rail services and ship repair facilities. In 2016, Hutchison Ports handled a combined throughput of 81.4 million TEU.

Hutchison Ports‘ keen understanding and global perspective of the industry has prompted an expansion plan that has secured access to strategic locations all around the world in which Hutchison Ports directly invests in transport hubs that serve a large hinterland and that either already support international trade or which have the potential to become key transport centers.

In Mexico, given the geographical location and easy-access routes to the nation’s capital from Hutchison Ports offers services from Veracruz, Manzanillo, Ensenada, and Lazaro Cardenas & Tula.

Located in Veracruz, Hutchison Ports ICAVE is a specialized container terminal (TEC), which loads and unloads containers by land and by sea.
Multipurpose terminal (TUM), dedicated to the movement of containers and general cargo handling, offering quality services through its state-of-the-art equipment.
Specialized Container Terminal that operates the loading and discharging of land and sea containers, as well as handling, storage and custody of containers either by sea and/or land.

Port of Veracruz

Port of Ensenada

Port of Lazaro Cardenas

Multipurpose Facility dedicated to the loading and discharging of containers by land and sea, as well as the loading and discharging of bulk goods.
Intermodal yard whose primary objective is to form part of the logistics and transportation chain, mainly exports oriented.
First level cruise terminal, that with the growing number of visitors strengthens the position of one of the major cruise destinations in Mexico and the busiest port on the coast of the Mexican Pacific.

Port of Manzanillo

Tula, Hidalgo

Port of Ensenada

Única terminal de usos múltiples en Lázaro Cárdenas con equipo portuario de gran capacidad para atender la carga/descarga de cargas proyecto, mercancía sobre dimensionada y con sobre peso.
Hutchison Logistics es el brazo logístico del operador portuario más grande del mundo, desde donde ofrecemos diferentes servicios que fusionan nuestra presencia global con nuestra penetración de los mercados locales a efectos de agregar valor a toda su cadena de suministro.


Port of Lazaro Cardenas


Ciudad de Mexico

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