Hutchison Ports TNG has experience within the Mexican shipbuilding industry through the fabrication of tanker vessels and ASD tugboats, drilling platforms for gas facilities, main steel structure of combi coasters and combi freighters, as well as floating docks, chemical barges, patrol and fishing vessels, among others.

Hutchison Ports TNG was recognized by SEMAR as one of the Mexican shipyards with more capacity and infrastructure for vessel construction, and performed full shipbuilding of 4 ASD Tugboats for PEMEX.

PEMEX‘s ASD Tugboats built at Hutchison Ports TNG Shipyard have a length of 31.5m and breadth of 11.2m, a draft of 4.2m and 12 knots of speed, two vessels will have a bollard pull of 50 tons and the other two will have a bollard pull of 60 tons. These four tugboats were designed especially to do operations at sea and port, such as:

  • Seagoing and Harbour Towing.
  • Fire Fighting monitors.
  • Fighting Oil Pollution at sea using dispersants.
  • Oil recovery.


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