Advanced coatings for a greater ship performance

Beyond maintaining your vessels, we know that our clients seek to extend the life of their vessels and improve their performance with each dry-docking; At this point coatings systems take on a very important role, for which it is not only necessary to have the most advanced product on the market, but also to have as an ally a shipyard with experience in applying them correctly.

At Hutchison Ports TNG, our specialty of sandblasting and painting, has gone from mastering the traditional process of hull cleaning, to being an expert in applying special coatings that demand precision, by working as a team with the technicians of each product in the following successful examples:

  • Project: Reinforced glass fiber coating, applied in nozzles and blades, which protects the structures against cavitation and corrosion for up to 10 years. Product: Ecoshield.
  • Project: Anti-fouling coating composed with silicone, applied in the flat bottom of the hull, which optimizes the efficiency of the boat’s fuel consumption. Product: Hempaguard.
  • Project: High strength polymer coating applied in tanks for the storage of chemical products, including technical assistance in the curing process. Product: MarineLine 784.

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