Steel renewal in the Gulf of Mexico

Hutchison Ports TNG is recognized as one of the shipyards in the Gulf of Mexico with greater capacity for steel structure manufacturing; providing us with expertise which also places us as a highly competitive team regarding the quality of steel renovation projects in vessels, since by entrusting TNG with the repairing of their ships, our customers will be certain to have the following benefits:

Certified Materials: TNG works with welding and steel, certified by different classification societies for both ordinary and high strength steel.

Control of the renewable steel: Before starting with the work at TNG, the client’s representative and a supervisor from the shipyard make a tour around the facilities where the steel marking take place. After this, the clients receive reports about the initial work and progress of the project, including detailed information about measurements, thickness, weight, technical drawings and location on the vessel; allowing our clients to have operational transparency and better control of the steel volumes.

Certified workforce and qualified processes: TNG distinguishes for having a high reputation and high satisfaction rates among our customers, thanks to the quality of the steel renewal works, ran by welders certified by companies such as ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV and Lloyds Register, among others, to perform qualified processes. Likewise, TNG’s staff dominates different types of welding techniques such as FCAW, SMAW, SAW, GMAW and GTAW.

Assurance of operational quality: We have inspectors who validate the quality of the work before and after the replacement of each piece or section of steel, they check the preparation of the surfaces ensuring the elimination of impurities after cutting the steel to remove damaged parts, after which they are allowed to proceed with the welding of the new steel inserts, also validating at the end of the welding that it does not have imperfections through vacuum and water pressure tests, in the presence of the technician of the class.

Strategic allies teamed up to bring you the best service

TNG is a company certified according to ISO 9001:2008 that guarantees its clients high quality services, thanks to its skilled manpower and the support of International Societies and Companies like Scandinavian Marine & Offshore Service (SMOS)Rolls RoyceInternational Marine Coatings and DP Marine Service with presence in our facilities, in order to supervise, and assure the conduction of efficient procedures in the works performed for each project according to their requirements.

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