Mexicans seek strategies with the metal-mechanic sector of Caldas

Elizabeth Avello, Deputy Managing Director of Hutchison Ports TNG visited Manizales in order to make allies among the  metal-mechanic market in Colombia, looking to expand the ties with Hutchison Ports TNG.

The shipyard in Veracruz Mexico, is a member of a member of a network of port operations in 52 ports covering 26 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and Australia.

“The intention of coming to Caldas is to be able to exchange experiences in relation to the shipyard scenario, since there is a process of diversification among the chambers of commerce. Today we must evolve in the metal-mechanic markets and productive processes of each country, at the same time we want to form an industrial network of services and trades.”

Elizabeth Avello stated that the shipyard has diversified by providing maintenance to yachts, vessel outfitting, maintenance of port cranes and even manufacture of steel beams for the construction industry.

The Governor of Caldas, Guido Echeverri, indicates that these shipyard meetings are of vital importance for the department, since it allows an exchange and appropriation of the sector for the region and the country.

“The metal-mechanic sector in Caldas has generated more than 700 jobs, this by itself speaks of the dynamics of development, of the expansion of a sector that is becoming the most important of all Colombia, and simultaneously they are generating elements that nourish the fluvial sector of the continent.” In words of the Governor of Caldas.

In 2017 the department of Caldas scored a 6.8% GDP, an important increase for the region, since its economy is growing at an accelerated pace in various sectors. From the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales in Caldas its president, Lina María Ramírez said:

“The bet that we have with the shipyard sector is that the companies dedicated to this segment in Manizales are of a relevant quality and that way you can find international and Colombian markets in a more agile way. The maritime and fluvial sector is very important, both fort the military and sports, since it is a sector that really handles some interesting numbers, so we believe that the local industry is positioned as one of the best in the country, there are 120 metal-mechanic companies that represent 13% of the industry in the locality.”

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