The machining workshop is one of the workshops that form part of the production department of Hutchison Ports TNG, where diverse works are elaborated, such as fabrication and spare parts repairs which complement the naval and industrial services that the shipyard offers.

This workshop has 27 different certified equipment; with a hoisting capacity up to 10 tons and specialized personnel in different mechanized processes that comply with the ISO 9001:2015 Norm.

The quality of the machining processes that Hutchison Ports TNG offers, allows us to satisfy the diverse necessities of our clients, such as winch component rectification, propeller machining, stern tube bushing machining for the propulsion system and steering system.

High precision, with higher speed and mass fabrication of spare parts at a low cost!

Among the equipment that form part of this workshop, our new outstanding Horizontal Machining Center, through which our highly qualified personnel offers precision machining and turning of metallic pieces, using the most advanced technology in the sector.

The Machining Center operates with a CNC automated and controlled system with high precision and velocity, it is capable to work automatically in 4 axis, a longitude up to 2 meters and with different metals such as: carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and other harder materials that exist in the industry.

We specialize in the fabrication of diverse components such as:

  • Bushing and bolt fabrication with different materials: steel, bronze, nylamid, etc.
  • Fabrication of couplings for motors.
  • Crane wheel repair.
  • Valve repair (gate, check, butterfly, vacuum-pressure).
  • Flange fabrication of up to 32”.
  • Axis fabrication and reconstruction.

Our machining services are complemented with our engineering department, rolling workshop, plasma cutting machinery and our welding certified procedures.

We apply high performance polymer in the mechanical parts that require it and we offer specialized technical support from Rolls Royce, Wärtsilä, Shottel, Sellos Simplex, Caterpillar, among others.