Hutchison Ports TNG has more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional non-destructive testing, as well as certified engineers awarded by ASNT. The field of maritime repairs demands gross measurements, ultrasonic welding tests, calibration and fault-detection, which are highly satisfied by the shipyard with any of the following non-destructive testing:
  • Ultrasound: Method that detects and assesses discontinuities inside a material, providing a better perspective of its shape, size and orientation. Applications: welding, steel plaques, fabricated or repaired parts.
  • Magnetic Particles: Method that allows the detection of discontinuities in non-porous material as long as the discontinuities are open to the surface. Applications: welding, non-ferrous parts (propellers, impellers. etc.)
  • Penetrating Liquid: Method to detect discontinuities in non-porous materials, as long as the discontinuities are open to the surface. Applications: Welding, non-ferromagnetic parts ( propellers, etc.) fabricated and repaired parts.
  • X-rays: Method that uses radiation through a solid material alleviating part of its energy due to the different thickness, density or discontinuities. Applications: welding, steel plaques, impelling pieces, fabricated and repaired parts.


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