At TNG we take care of ourselves!.

Facing the health contingency, TNG developed an Action Plan for Epidemiologic Emergency, generating individual awareness to obtain the best results as a group.

All the efforts we achieve go hand-in-hand with the training of our staff, looking to add efforts to apply all the measures both inside and outside of our working space.

Advanced coatings for a greater ship performance

Beyond maintaining your vessels, we know that our clients seek to extend the life of their vessels and improve their performance with each dry-docking; At this point coatings systems take on a very important role, for which it is not only necessary to have the most advanced product on the market, but also to have as an ally a shipyard with experience in applying them correctly.

Hutchison Ports TNG Shipyard, Veracruz Mexico.

Located in Veracruz, one of the main ports of Mexico, it offers its clients more than 80 years of national and international experience in construction, repair and naval conversion, as well as repair and manufacture of platforms and structures for offshore  production. Over the course of the years, TNG’s metal mechanical expertice has expanded towards the industrial and civil construction fields, participating in the manufacture of tanks and structures for works in highways, and others; helping us become  the strategic partners of our customers by being able to create solutions that are tailored to their needs.

UNITY . A Unified team all around the world.

What makes us leaders in the industry? , What sets us apart from our competitors? A shared spirit that up until today has made us the leading port network worldwide.

Thruster overhaul.

In september we successfully performed the dismantling maneuver of the forth thruster of the platform being serviced in our shipyard; Along with our clients we worked with  great team effort , in order to provide maintenance to a 12 ton engine.

Thruster replacement.

At Hutchison Ports we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients, the video shows the afloat replacement maneuvers of a prow thruster of approximately 14 tons of weight, for which we required an accurate coordination between divers, maneuverists, crane operators, crew members and the shipyard’s staff.

The first tugboat sets sail.

TNG performed sea-testings on board of “PEMEX TARAHUMARA” one of the first tugboats  builts by the shipyard for the oil company. The most important tests to be performed in detail on the boat and in presence of representatives from SEMAR and PEMEX, are those relative to the propulsion system, maneuvering, speed , fixed point drive and Fire Fighting system, among many others.

TNG moves forward with the construction of 4 tugboats for PEMEX.

After the reactivation of the Maritime Construction in Talleres Navales del Golfo ,  in April 2014, the shipyard performed a floating ceremony for the most advanced tugboat of the 4 being under construction as part of Pemex’s Minor fleet renovation. The ceremony was held on February 27th , 2015 and on may 29th the shipyard honored one more milestone after placing one tugboat more on its docks, for the remaining of its construction process.

Platform repair

Historical construction of one of TNG’s dry docks, in 1982.

Video-documentary of the shipyard’s preparation prior to the fabrication of vessels with large dimensions. This port activity, pioneer in Mexico, lasted an approximated of 17 months, with the outstanding construction of a huge dry dock with outfitting pier, designed with 275 m length, 36 m breadth and 6.5 m height.