Hutchison Ports TNG is a Shipyard with more than 80 years of history in the Gulf of Mexico. Located in the Port of Veracruz, it performs repair and maintenance works for vessels, rigs, barges and all types of maritime structures and equipment.

The specialized services that TNG performs as an expert through its skilled manpower are:

  • Cleaning and coating.
  • Steel renewal.
  • Maintenance to electrical engines and propeller systems.
  • Cranes load test.
  • Pneumatic and hydrostatic test to tanks.

The continuous requirements and evolution of the market have driven numerous companies to update, improve, extend the life of and even modify their vessels or platforms to comply with the safety, environmental, and new maritime regulations, and if that is the case also shift business.

Some of the projects the shipyard has conducted have been:

  • Manufacturing, lifting and installation of sponsons on ships and drilling rigs.
  • Deck reinforcements and extensions.
  • Brace renewal in semisubmersible platforms.
  • Manufacture and installation of a vessel’s double bottom.

Hutchison Ports TNG has experience within the Mexican shipbuilding industry through the fabrication of different kinds of vessels.

Recognized by SEMAR as one of the Mexican shipyards with the most capacity and infrastructure for vessel construction, TNG performed the full shipbuilding of 4 ASD Tugboats for PEMEX.

  • Tanker vessels.
  • Tugboats.
  • Drilling platforms.
  • Fishing vessels.
  • Main steel structure of combi coasters and combi freighters.
  • Floating docks.
  • Chemical barges.
  • Patrol vessels

Hutchison Ports TNG has distinguished itself from other shipyards for being a leader in fabrication and assembling of all kinds of light and heavy steel structures, such as:

Fabrication of offshore modules and components:

  • Bridges, jackets, and components such as roll-formed, beams made of three plates, and panel manufacturing.

Steel structures:

  • Smoke staks, carbon Steel tanks and stainless tanks, cranes, and civil works structures among others.


Through its professional staff, experience, infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment
Hutchison Ports TNG provides a plethora of top quality services, including:

Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Conversions, heavy and light Steel Structures Fabrication,
Onshore and Offshore Services, among others.

Dry-dock no.5


Lenght: 269 m

Breadth: 36 m

4 Cranes: 100 ton each

Draft over blocks: 5.18 m

Dry-dock no.2


Length: 157 m

Breadth: 19.5 m

1 Crane: 25 ton

Draft over blocks: 4.87 m

Repair Dock


Length: 235 m

2 Cranes: 15 ton each

Draft East side: 5.8 m

Draft West side: 8.23 m

Outfitting Dock


Length: 215 m

1 Crane: 15 ton

Draft East side: 4.5 m

Draft West side: 5.02 m


Complementary Services

Aside from the main services, TNG also develops as an expert on the following fields:

  • Onsite repairs.
  • Logistic yard.
  • Steel plate priming, cutting and rolling.
  • Metalized spray.
  • Scrapping.
  • Port equipment maintenance.
  • Yacht maintenance.
  • Welding and Boilermaking training.
  • Vessel outfitting.

With the objective of providing a better service and avoiding work lay off due to the lack of materials, TNG’s Foreign Trade department assists the coordination of the temporary importation of the client’s property from the supplier’s facilities to the shipyard.

Customer Satisfaction is of paramount importance to Hutchison Ports TNG, therefore we provide personalized assistance before, during and after the projects are performed in the Shipyard.

We ensure to assist our clients previous to their arrival to the shipyard, by searching different services according to their needs.

Hutchison Ports TNG is committed to a strict policy that looks after occupational safety, Health and Environmental Protection. Our Health and Safety management system, is regulated by OSHAS 18001, and the Environment management system is regulated by the ISO 14001 norms.